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Custom Fabrication Shop

We have the skills and the tooling to design and produce custom components or modify after-market and stock components. Our priority is to install modern brakes, steering and suspension components in every project we build. Safety is our number one priority. Go-fast parts, maybe - safe, secure, pleasant ride, always. From a complete custom chassis including modern brakes and suspension components, to unusual body mods, and everything in between, our experienced staff can bring your dreams into reality.

Paint And Body Shop

At our shop, we are proud to specialize in high-quality, glass-smooth paint and bodywork. Our skilled crew has the expertise to transform uneven surfaces into flawless, flat finishes. With decades of experience under our belt, we offer an extensive range of color combinations and finishes. Our master painters are capable of creating finishes that range from subtle and refined to bold and eye-catching. No matter your vision, we have the talent and creativity to bring it to life.

Custom Upholstery And Fabrication

Our custom upholstery shop is dedicated to delivering truly exceptional work that will leave you in awe. Whether it's molded one-piece headliners or the finest European carpets, we never settle for anything less than the best for your car. Our expertise covers a wide range of materials, from vinyl and ultra suede to luxurious leather. We'll go above and beyond to meet your needs, even if it means sourcing rare materials like Naugahyde by going after that elusive 'nauga.' There's no limit to what we can accomplish.

Special Services

We are proud to be a Vintage Air distributor and installer. Whether you need assistance installing a new A/C system or simply crimping the hoses on your hose set, Southern Street Machines (SSM) is here to help. We also offer mockup units that make test fitting all available units a breeze. Is your hot rod feeling too hot? Visit us to make your ride cooler than ever!

Our expertise lies in installing fuel-injected engines in vintage cars. We have now partnered with Holley to retrofit the latest self-learning EFI systems in your street machine. EFI is the ultimate choice, providing a perfect tune at all times, easy starting, long-lasting performance, and smooth running. Upgrading to fuel injection has countless benefits with no downsides.

If you're in need of rewiring your car, give us a call to explore the latest options with American Autowire wiring harnesses.

Looking to add some style to your ride? We offer a wide range of high-quality accessories, including March System serpentine systems, Billet Specialties wheels and accessories, Rocket racing wheels, and Coker Tires. Come check out our selection!

In addition, we provide a comprehensive selection of suspension upgrades for muscle cars from Classic Performance Parts.

Facing difficulties passing the NSRA inspection due to the absence of an e-brake? If you lack space for a handle or pedal, we have the perfect solution. Introducing the new and super slick E-Stop push-button electric parking brake actuator. This is the way to stop.

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